200 Watt Self Contained
Bluetooth Speaker...
in a Painting!

Welcome to the club. Basswall is a high power, high quality sound system built to be invisible to the casual. The ‘stealth ninja’ of bluetooth speakers easily connects to any bluetooth enabled device, and doesn’t require the download of special applications. Loud enough to simulate a full studio sound system, without the bulk of many speakers.

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200 WATT dual BTL, Class D Amp

High power, high quality sound system built in. Huge sound in a small compact speaker system.

Bluetooth Wireless Streaming

High quality music streaming, without the limitations of wires or cords, giving you the freedom to move.

240 or 110 Volt World Power

Works anywhere in the world. Includes leads, standby mode, mute mode, full thermal and overload protection.

Fast Install & Easy Wireless Setup

Easy as hanging a painting! Use the provided install kit, a hammer, and a level to set up Basswall.

Special Phone App Not Required

No special application means no limitations. YouTube, podcasts, audio books, iTunes, Spotify… anything!

Works with All Bluetooth Devices

Whether you prefer streaming from your phone, tablet, or computer, as long as it is Bluetooth enabled, it can connect.

Control Settings from Device

Conveniently control the volume and EQ from your device for any setting. No need to change settings on Basswall.

Fits Standard Large Poster Size

Fits any standard large poster size at 24×36 inches / 61×91 cm. Easily update your home decor with new artwork!

Basswall Sized to Perfection

Basswall size is at 40x28x4.3 inches, or 102x72x11 cm. Not too big, not too small… just right!

Lightweight Design

Weighing 50 pounds, or 22 kilos, Basswall can hang on most walls. Stud walls preferred to give extra support.

Basswall is a new way to
deliver sound without compromise

You choose the music. You choose the artwork. It’s that simple.

Love it! How does it work?

Inside Basswall is a large cavity with special sound damping material that reduces the speed of sound. This tricks the bass frequencies into thinking the cavity is much larger than it actually is. We then add a finely tuned bass port to exponentially increase the effect. In simple terms, Basswall produces “big” sound, from a “small” speaker source.

Then, All frequencies above 1000 HZ are fired upwards from four speakers on top of the Basswall, hitting the ceiling and back wall to spread in a 180 degree outwards. Again, in simple terms, It’s the same principle as putting your phone in a glass to amplify the sound, but as walls are flat, no unwanted secondary reverberation occurs.

The resulting effect is truly magical.

Reaction Video

We placed a Basswall in the middle of an Irish Pub, in Antibes and Cannes France.
Random people from the bar react to the sound and quality of Basswall.

Customize Your

If music be the
food of love,
play on.

William Shakespeare

Now Available!

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